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For me, the Nyon Triathlon is above all about shared values such as passion, pleasure and sharing. This Sunday in August has always been on my calendar and will always be remembered as my first triathlon victory at the age of 16.

Mike Aigroz

Member of the national team since 1996
First participation in the Nyon Triathlon in 1994

Nyon is: one of the most beautiful sites of the Swiss circuit with first class infrastructures. A flawless organization. A selective course. The feet in the water facing the Mont-Blanc: magical. Two mythical climbs that every triathlete dreads. The competition to have on your list of achievements.

Corinne Kappeler

18 participations at the Nyon Triathlon

If you want to be sure to do a triathlon in the sun, you go to Nyon. The organization is always smooth, nice and problem-free and there is a wonderful triathlon spirit!

Yves Amacker

15 participations in the Nyon Triathlon

Nyon, the Mecca of the triathlon in French-speaking Switzerland; good weather (almost) guaranteed, super nice and flawless organization, accessible bike and race courses but with a zest of difficulty, without forgetting the very comfortable bike park. To line up 20 participations in 20 years, the Nyon Triathlon must really be the best in the region!

Didier Théraulaz

22 participations in the Nyon Triathlon

The most successful sporting event in La Côte is the Nyon Triathlon. Every year, in the heart of summer, we come back with great pleasure, not only to swim, ride and run, but also to share a moment of friendship and conviviality in an enchanting setting.

Robert Buttet

18 participations in the Ny Triathlon

The Nyon Triathlon is a rather demanding event on a course that has a few difficulties in store for us, but it is also a magnificent visiting card for the Nyon region, a large, well-functioning organization and, above all, a lot of fun year after year!

Daniel Müller

17 participations in the Nyon Triathlon

After having participated in every triathlon in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Nyon remains my favorite. It’s a course that I appreciate a lot and it’s especially a perfect organization and a warm atmosphere.

Pascal Oberson

Numerous participations in the Nyon Triathlon since 2007

For me, the Nyon Triathlon is an impeccable organization, as well as a demanding course (especially in running) that pushes me and motivates me to train and improve (even at 40 years old!).

Giorgio Carnevale-Arella

4 participations in the Nyon Triathlon

Probably one of the most picturesque locations for a Triathlon, starting in the beautiful waters of Lake Léman, with views of Mont Blanc and other snow-capped mountains. The organization is excellent, the atmosphere friendly and there is a real mix of nationalities and levels taking part in the Triathlon. I highly recommend it.

Ron Grabner, Angleterre

6 participations in the Nyon Triathlon

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