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Olympic Distance

Sunday 7 August


06:00: Registrations (according to availability, 45 min before the start), licence check and bib distribution.
12:30: opening of the bike park

16:00: Awards ceremony
17:45: Closing of the bike park

18:00: Closing of the bike storage area


Year(s) Race Category N° Starting time Distances Registration fees (chf)
1988-2004 Men CA 18-34
Women CA 18-34
13h15 (men)

13h25 (women)

Rolling start

1.5km/42.5km/10.2km 85 CHF
(100 CHF from 25.07)
1978-1987 Men CA 35-44
Women CA 35-44
13h45 (men)

13h25 (women)

Rolling start

1.5km/42.5km/10.2km 85 CHF
(100 CHF from 25.07)
1968-1977 Men CA 45-54
Women CA 45-54
13h35 (men)

13h25 (women)

Rolling start

1.5km/42.5km/10.2km 85 CHF
(100 CHF from 25.07)
1958-1967 Men CA 55-64
Women CA 55-64
13h35 (men)

13h25 (women)

1.5km/42.5km/10.2km 85 CHF
(100 CHF from 25.07)
1901-1957 Men CA 65+
Women CA 65+
13h35 (men)

13h25 (women)

1.5km/42.5km/10.2km 85 CHF
(100 CHF from 25.07)
1901-2008 Relais Men
Relais Women
Relais Mixt
13h55 1.5km/42.5km/10.2km 120 CHF per team
(135 CHF from 25.07)

Swiss Triathlon Startpass and Easypass

Individual races

A competition license by Swiss Triathlon (StartPass) or by a foreign federation affiliated to ITU/ETU, is mandatory for the Olympic/standard distance in individual categories.

The full competition rules are applied.

The annual StartPass can be order on the Swiss Triathlon website. For those that do not own one, it will be required to order a daily StartPass (available for one race only) when you register on the Datasport website. It costs CHF 32.50 online, and CHF 40.- when registering on site. More information is available on Swiss Triathlon website.

Relay teams

For races with ranking and referees, not part of the Triathlon Series, an EasyPass is required by Swiss Triathlon. It costs CHF 10.00 and allows you to become a member of the Swiss Triathlon Federation. In the races where it applies, the competition rules are lightened in an educational and promotional spirit. This contribution helps to boost the offer of popular competitions in Switzerland, to standardize them and to increase their quality while allowing the development of triathlon in our country.

For the Nyon Triathlon, the purchase of the EasyPass will cost only CHF 5 additional to the registration fee. Indeed, we have decided, as organizers, to cover 50% of this expense. In Nyon, the EasyPass is necessary for the Short Distance race (individual and relay) and for the Olympic distance relay. For the relays, only the purchase of a single EasyPass is necessary for the whole team. More information is available on the Swiss Triathlon website.

The EasyPass must be purchased at the time of registration on the Datasport platform. A person with an annual license (StartPass) does not need to purchase an EasyPass.

Time records


2:01.06,0 – Adriano Engelhardt (2022)


2:16.39,3 – Emma Bilham (2012)

Olympic Distance course

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