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The Swiss Triathlon competition rules apply for all the categories.

A hard helmet is mandatory for all categories. As the race tracks remains open to traffic, all participants must comply with the rules of the road.

Wet suit

Wet suits (swimming) must be worn when the water temperature is 14°C or less.

As a reminder, the wet suit is :

  • forbidden if the water is higher than 22°C (20°C for the Youth League 16-17, Juniors League, U23 et PRO League categories)
  • mandatory if the water is 14°C or less


All information about the fight against doping, in particular forbidden substances, authorized medication, add-ons, control validity, special authorizations, rights and obligations, are available on www.antidoping.ch.


Drafting is forbidden except for Youth League and National League (See Swiss Triathlon rules on drafting).


A Swiss Triathlon competition license or from a foreign federation affiliated to ITU/ETU is mandatory for the following individual categories :

  • Youth League 14-15
  • National League
  • Olympic Distance (individual categories)

Daily licenses can be obtained online at registration.

Limit times

Any athlete in Olympic Distance Category (individual or relay) not having started the running track at 16.15 or the second running lap at 16.45 will be stopped by the race marshal.

Any athlete in the Short Distance Category (individual or relay) not having started the running track at 10.45 will be stopped by the race marshal

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