The stories behind the Triathlon

We went to meet our famous speakers, Christian and Laurent, a few days ago on a terrace in Nyon. They gave us some anecdotes and memories that we share with you, after years behind their mike. You will recognize the voices of the Tri de Nyon.

Christian Perler

Our 64 year old announcer Christian is responsible for about thirty sporting events each year, from running races to triathlons and cycling events. A great enthusiast, he has covered more than 600 events to make us live the emotions of the athletes.

Laurent Savoyen

As for his sidekick Laurent, he has been involved in sports activities for about fifteen years now. With his good mood, he has been animating five triathlons in French-speaking Switzerland for several years, in addition to running events. As passionate as ever, he also organizes the Night Run Morges.