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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ - frequently asked questions


What is the deadline for registration ? Until what time on the day of the event can I register at the event site ?

The deadline for online registration for the 34th edition of Nyon Triathlon (to be held on 5-6 August 2023) is Friday 4 August 2023 at 5 p.m. (except National League). There will be a surcharge of CHF 15 for registrations made as of 24 July 2023 (except for the Tri Kids). On-site registration will be possible up to 45 minutes before the start of the relevant category event (subject to availability).

Can I pay my registration fee from a foreign bank account ?

It is possible to pay the registration fee from a foreign bank account. Several different payment options are available. Please consult the website of our partner Datasport for more information in this connection.

Where can I check that my registration has been accepted ?

The confirmed entry list is available on the website of our partner Datasport. Depending on which payment method you selected, there may be a delay of between 3 and 5 days, before your registration appears on the list.

Under what circumstances will my registration fee be refunded ?

If no cancellation insurance has been contracted when registering online, no reimbursement will be made by the organizer (even upon presentation of a medical certificate).

Should a participant not have the requested equipment (wetsuit if requested, hard helmet, etc.) or should the event be cancelled due to bad weather, in the event of force majeur, external events or extraordinary circumstances, no refund will be granted.

Is it possible to change my registration details (different race, participants, etc.) ?

Any changes in registration (change of category, of participant, etc.) will cost CHF 15 and must be paid in cash when picking up the race bib (which will not be issued to the participant without payment).

Race numbers & Licenses

When can I collect my race number ?

Race numbers can be collected on Friday 4 August from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., on Saturday 5 August from 8.00 a.m. until 45 minutes before the start of the race and on Sunday 6 August from 7.00 a.m. The presentation or purchase of a StartPass (annual or daily licence) is compulsory for the Olympic Distance and National League race categories. For registrations made less than 14 days before the event, do not forget to present your postal receipt or e-banking payment as proof of payment when collecting your number.

Do I need a medical certificate ?

No medical certificate is required, even if you do not have a license. However, you must have accident and liability insurance.

Do I need a license and when/where can I buy one?

Competitors participating in National League and Olympic Distance individual categories must be in possession of a Swiss or foreign triathlon license. A day license can be obtained online at registration.

Must I be a member of Swiss Triathlon to obtain a license?

No, because the possession of a day license authorizes you to participate in an official Federation Swiss Triathlon. All foreign licenses are accepted, therefore buying a Swiss Triathlon day license is not necessary.

Do I need a medical certificate in order to obtain a license?

Neither a medical certificate nor proof of membership in a sports club is required.

Does having a foreign license (eg French) exempt me from buying a Swiss license ?

Yes, possession of a foreign license entitles you to participate in events on the Swiss Triathlon Series.


Are there time limits for each discipline ?

Yes, limit times are defined for the Short Distance and Olympic Distance categories (see the rules page). However, participants may continue to finish the race under his/her own responsibility, on a course open to traffic and without the presence of volunteers or medical assistance; the timing of the race cannot be guaranteed.

When are wetsuits allowed ?

The use of wetsuits is prohibited if the water temperature is 22°C or above and are compulsory if water temperature is below 15.9°C. The decision is taken each race day by the referees and announced by the speakers 1 hour before the start.

Is it mandatory to be three competitors for the relay?

To be fair to other teams, it would be preferable if you are three competitors. If, under exceptional circumstances, a third person is not available, two competitors will be accepted. Participating in two of the three disciplines presents no problem if you swim, pass the baton to a cyclist, who then passes it back to you before you run the relay.

What if someone is looking to complete a relay team ?

If you are looking for a runner, you could try posting it on our Facebook page, where other athletes might be interested in participating. If you have not found a third person by race day, you can let the information desk or the announcer know that you are looking to complete a team.

Is it possible to take part with an electric bike?

The use of assisted or electric bicycles is forbidden.

Is it possible to take part with headphones for the music?

For safety reasons and in accordance with Swiss Triathlon regulations, it is not permitted to wear headphones when cycling or running.


Is a particular insurance required or liability insurance is enough ?

In Switzerland, everyone should be covered, either by personal accident insurance, or by health insurance. All foreign participants have to be covered by an accident insurance to participate in the Nyon Triathlon.

What is the protection concept and the conditions of access to the event in line with the COVID measures?

There are no current COVID measures in force and decreed by the Authorities. Therefore, no specific restrictions or measures are in place for the Nyon Triathlon.

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